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The Consistory of St. Paul's have  brought the congregation back inside, after many months of worshipping outdoors. Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, our worship services will be vastly different from our customary worship services before the pandemic.

Our FIRST PRIORITY is to keep everyone safe. We all remember the Golden Rule of treating others as we wish to be treated. Therefore, there will be some changes for all to observe.

1.) Everyone is asked to enter the church though the main red door on Sunday morning. As you wait to enter the door, please remember to observe the 6 foot social distancing rule. Please be patient with the ushers until everyone becomes familiar  with this new way of entering the sanctuary. The worship service will begin at 10 AM.

2.) Masks are required. If you forget yours, one will be provided, just let an usher know. Your mask should be worn the entire time you are inside the building and should not be removed until you reach the parking lot or your vehicle.

3.) One of the ushers will take your temperature at the door (touchless, point and take) before you enter the narthex.

4.) Hand sanitizer will be available, just ask an usher. (Hand sanitizer will also be available in the pews)

5.) A container will be available for your offering and an usher will hand you a bulletin.

6.) On the first Sunday of the month, an usher will hand you the pre-packaged sacraments we have been using due to Covid-19. We ask that you dispose of the empty packaging as you exit the sanctuary/fellowship hall in the trash cans provided.

7.) In order to keep the members of the congregation socially distanced, the ushers will fill the pews from the front of the church to the back. This may mean that you may not be seated in your favorite/normal seat, but we are trying to keep EVERYONE safe.

8.) Everyone will be asked to observe the 6 foot social distancing rule between the occupants of the pew unless you are sitting with your family, husband, wife, etc.

9.) When the service ends, the process used to enter the sanctuary will reverse with the back pews  leaving the church first. The RIGHT SIDE of the  congregation facing the altar will exit the same door you entered. The LEFT SIDE of the congregation  facing the altar will exit to the left and leave through the office door. Members of the congregation will leave beginning  with the back pews emptying one at a time toward the altar.

10.) If you come to the Sunday morning worship service and the sanctuary is full, you may be asked to go to the fellowship hall to worship there. Again, ushers will guide you to your seat. By the time we re-enter the church in October, the Consistory plans to have television sets installed in the fellowship hall so that the members who worship in there will be able to see and hear the service being conducted in the sanctuary.

11.) The worshipers in the fellowship hall will be dismissed by the ushers and exit to the parking lot through the middle door. Please remember to keep the six foot distancing until you arrive in the parking lot.

12.) Entering, being seated, and exiting the church is new to all of us, but if we work together as brothers and sister in Christ, everyone will enjoy the service inside and remain safe.

13.)Thank you to all the volunteers who are helping us enjoy  a safe worship service inside our building again. Anyone who would like to volunteer to be an usher or helper would be most welcome. Please contact Hank Mathis or Danny Little.

Thank you, St. Paul's Consistory Members





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